Hi-Fat Expeller Canola Meal is cold-pressed from canola oilseeds and provides high protein, reduced fibre and much higher fat levels than conventional solvent extracted canola meal. This low-temperature oil extraction and fibre separation captures more of the original protein from the seed in a form that is more readily usable to livestock and humans.

Hi-Fat Expeller Canola Meal is a significantly improved protein supplement (45% Crude Protein on a dry matter basis) with the majority of the crude protein in a soluble form. Compared to conventional canola meal, Hi-Fat Expeller Canola Meal has a higher protein content, reduced fibre and a superior level of protein solubility. As much as 60% of the protein is in soluble form. Higher protein solubility provides opportunity for use in higher value products such as starter diets for livestock. Compared to conventional canola meal, the amino acid content of this product provides over one third more of the essential amino acid lysine as higher levels of the essential sulphur containing amino acid methionine.

Juncea Canola Meal has 13% acid detergent fibre and 18% neutral detergent fibre, a beneficially significant reduction from the fibre levels in conventional canola meal. In addition, the lignin concentration is less than one quarter of conventional canola meals.With careful attention to product safety, the product results in the absence of microbial contamination with coliforms, E. coli, Salmonella, yeast and molds and aflotoxins.

Low erucic acid, sinapine and moderate aliphatic glucosinolates levels are a reflection of the judicious use of temperature while maintaining high protein solubility.